A heap of broken images – Assemblage Gallery (Chippendale, Sydney)


Curated by Art Proper (Annika Kristensen, Samantha Williams)

Assemblage (Chippendale, Sydney) 8–19 May 2013


A heap of broken images

T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land, from which this exhibition takes its title, is a rambling and fragmented poem – much like this show itself. The ignition for this exhibition began with our noticing and appreciating a number of young artists who are creating artworks quite literally from waste: industrial off-cuts, detritus and cheap commercially-produced material. Others are continuing the age-old fascination with landscape, but in an often dystopian sense. Gone are the windows unto a sublime or pastoral world. Within our contemporary urban context – and with increasing environmental pressures being placed upon the planet – artists are creating works which reflect our alienation from our environment; an earth of unfertile ‘stony rubbish’, from which there is no relief. This lack of connection extends beyond our relationship with the land to consider our displacement from one another and from culture. We may attempt to fill our lives with people and purpose but to what end? If only to be able connect, as Eliot wrote: ‘Nothing with nothing’. It is a bleak hypothesis.
A heap of broken images brings together the work of eleven young Australian artists, all of whom deal, if not directly with the landscape, then with themes that percolate through Eliot’s labyrinthine poem. Together these artworks reflect upon a world of terrifying beauty; they are a temporary attempt to make sense of it all. Here are challenges and acceptances, exaltations and lamentations, growth and decay – a rich tapestry of all that makes up our futile and short existences in the world and times in which we live.

- Annika Kristensen, Samantha Williams


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Image from The soundless spectre of motion, Bridget Walker (2012)