European Media Art Festival / Osnabrück


The soundless spectre of motion participates in the European Media Art Festival (2013), curated by Alex Gerbaulet (Berlin), Peter Taylor (Rotterdam) and Katrin Mundt (Essen), April 24 – 28, 2013


Continental Drift :

In the darkness of the cinema, we move only optically; thanks to the light of the projection beam, we delve into One Roll in the Blackness in order to be carried to other spaces and new eras. Just like the protagonist in Trespass, we travel around the world without really moving from the spot; the wheel of time rotates archaically as in Lagos Island, taking us to faraway lands in order to find our dream of fortune there which will have to remain incomplete and merely an Untitled Brazil Project after all. We ourselves are usually to blame: Das Tier das Lügen kann is its own enemy, by nature. Often the only thing that would help is to flee to one’s own art world, discovering Le spectre silencieux du mouvement, or to look back to a time past when Halloween 1977 was recorded on Super 8. A RED:UX to the essential makes sense in today’s ephemeral media world. After all, cinema is light and darkness, i.e. ultimately an On-Off Clip II.


Screenings times  at the Lagerhalle, Rolandsmauer 26, Osnabrück (Germany)


- 24 April, 2013, 22:00 h (Vernissage)

- 28 April 2013, 17:00 h (Closing Night)


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