Innovators 1. Linden Centre for Contemporary Art

Solo show at the Linden Centre for Contemporary Art (Melbourne, Australia) 6 April – 12 May, 2013

“Linden Innovators 1 presents the work of five artists who explore the human condition. They each comment on the man made versus the organic; past, present and future; concepts of reality and imagination through time-based work. The work provokes emotional responses and questions the values and belief systems of the framework we live within.”


Catalogue Excerpts – Text by Olivia Poloni

Bridget Walker fuses animation and videoed performance to investigate the way in which fictional animation can affect or inform real life.  Walker explains, “The transformation an individual, group or culture may undergo when incorporating or reincorporating such a narrative back into their belief system and the consequences of doing so”.  The artist sites interest in animation theorist Dr Alan Cholodenko and his articulation of the Cryptic Complex, that looks into the uncanny, return of death as the specre, mourning and melancholia.  It questions the role of the animator, and the animators’ role within spectatorship.  Walker’s work fuses all these elements by having the artist play out the spectre role in real life video, which is mimicking and being infused within her animation.  However, Walker brings this one step further by dressing as the spectre in her real life activities and having close friends comment.  Comical and also absurdly interesting, this play on intercepting the real and unreal brings forth questions on consequence, value and reality.


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untitled. graphite, charcoal, gouache on paper, 56 x 36 cm


untitled. graphite, charcoal, gouache on paper, 28 x 18 cm / each


untitled. graphite, conté, gouache on paper ; 78 x 51 cm









Exhibition views.  Gallery 4, Linden Centre for Contemporary Art (Melbourne, Australia) 6 April – 12 May, 2013