Videonale.14 – Kunstmuseum Bonn

Videonale.14 : Kunstmuseum Bonn, 15 February -7 April 2013, Artistic Director Tasja Langenbach


Artist talk Friday 15th February, 12.45pm, Kunstmuseum Bonn / Bonn Museum of Modern Art


“The investigation of private histories, but also of collective memories, crosses the boundaries between reality and fiction in order to examine the subject of the story from various sides. Dramatic mixed forms result which, with new, open ways of telling a story, cast their spell over the viewer”

Tasja Langenbach, Artistic Director, VIDEONALE.14.


Can animation and reality merge, not just as a film effect but also in everyday life? The Silent Spectre of Motion plays with this idea when the artist, dressed as a ghost, plays a game of deception using various media. The genres drawing, comics, animation and documentation are literally stirred together. The three-part video work begins with two academics who discuss and then solve a rebus, accompanied by an abstract series of geometrical patterns reminiscent of an aggressive video game. In the second section of the video the artist transforms herself into a ghost. Walker cuts a piece of material out of her white cloak and changes this into a manuscript scroll. This gives rise to numerous manuscripts, each of which is unfurled. In this way are revealed, for example, the plans of military equipment which animation techniques then bring to life. The final part is documentary and records the experiment of fiction which has become reality. People from the immediate surroundings are interviewed about the artist’s transformation into a ghost, letting the real and imaginary world merge into one another. The question about the possibility or impossibility of what has taken place remains unanswered.

- Alexander Pütz, Videonale.14 Catalogue

Artist interview for Videonale


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Still from the soundless spectre of motion (2012)